Blogging and User-Generated Content

Your customers could be the most effective marketing tool your business will ever have. When you invite them to add content to your website through reviews and wikis, discuss your service in forums and respond with comments on your blog, you show the world that you are a company who is engaged with its customers and that your customers are happy with what you do for them. Plus, when your customers feel they have a stake in your company and that you care what they have to say, you get their loyalty.

Our web development department can implement Web 2.0 technologies on your website to enable user-generated content including:

  • Business blogs
  • Forums
  • User reviews
  • Wikis and help guides
  • Photo sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Live customer service

These types of interactive Web 2.0 features will enable your customers to give you real-time feedback and to engage in conversation with you about your products and services to help you find ways to not only build on the services you already provide, but to expand your business offerings as well.

Business blogging

Business blogging is a great way to let your customers get to know the people behind your company and to provide useful and entertaining information to your customers. By blogging about company news, discussing interesting items about your industry and the services and products you sell and ways people can use them, you can share your enthusiasm for your business with the world. Use your company blog to let your customers get to know the people behind your business and to actively comment on the information you provide, giving them a one-on-one connection with you that doesn't involve an overt sales pitch.

Our web development team can build you an easy-to-use blog and our social media marketing team can advise you on what to write and how to use your blog in your wider social media marketing campaign to effectively promote your company.

Let your customers build you great website content. E-mail us.

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