Voptimisation & Online Video Marketing Harnessing the power of video

Online video marketing and, therefore, voptimisation (video optimisation) is growing in popularity as Google and its fellow search engines seek to further integrate video results with traditional results.

Since YouTube was purchased by Google in 2006, it has become the second biggest search engine on the internet; if your products and services aren’t appearing in that search engine (and subsequently in Google’s video results), you’re missing a trick.

What is Voptimisation?

Voptimisation is the practice of optimising your video content in order to ensure it appears for relevant searches in Google and other search engine’s natural listings, in their video listings and in the search engines of the video sites themselves.

A well voptimised video will satisfy both the needs of the search engines and the user, driving traffic to your site and increasing conversions.

What will we do?

As part of the voptimisation and online video marketing process, our online marketing team will:

  • Help you script and create great quality videos for your site and off-site social media accounts (YouTube, Vimeo etc.).
  • Ensure all your video content is voptimised for relevant search terms, capable of delivering good quality traffic to your site.
  • Establish profiles on your behalf on the appropriate video social networking sites.
  • Upload video sitemaps to your site, ensuring videos care crawled and indexed correctly in search engine results pages.
  • Stay on top of changes to video search and make appropriate recommendations, ensuring your content continues to rank for relevant terms.

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