Social Media Marketing How to make friends and influence people

Social media marketing is a relatively new concept and as a result, many webmasters and in-house marketing managers aren't sure exactly how it can be used to improve their online visibility and ultimately, offer a good return on investment.

Being kind souls, we've taken the time to organise the key benefits of social media into a handy list:

  • Branding: social media marketing improves your brand's visibility online, through creation of accounts on relevant social media sites.
  • Customer Service: social media connects you directly with your clients, customers and subscribers, allowing you to address issues with your products and services with an unprecedented level of immediacy.
  • Online Reputation: the strength of an online reputation has the power to make or break an organisation. Social media helps you manage that reputation, responding directly to customer concerns.
  • SEO: regularly posting quality content using social media profiles encourages others to link to your website, which in turn improves your search engine visibility. 
  • Lead Generation: whilst social media is very rarely used for direct selling, a combination of a good reputation, excellent customer service and improved online visibility make fresh interest in your business, charity or organisation inevitable.


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Our social media consultants will help you establish your social media marketing objectives; for instance, do you want to improve your brand visibility, generate a buzz about a particular product, launch an online competition or all of the above?

We will then recommend a string of social media accounts that we think would provide maximum value for your brand, help you create and them and set out a strategy that will help you achieve your social media goals.

The important thing to remember is: social media marketing is, by definition, social. In order to provide the best results, social media has to be a collaborative effort between client and consultant.

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