Make the Headlines with an SEO online press release

Our search engine optimisation (SEO) press releases propel your business's story straight to Google News while your competitors are stuck in the classifieds.

SEO Manchester's copywriters will create and submit an online PR based on your news story and within seconds your SEO press release will be added to thousands of online news feeds, responsible for providing content to millions of websites around the world.

No paperboy can match that performance.

Why Invest in an Online PR?

We whittled down an exhaustive list of reasons to the few that we think are particularly relevant:

  • Your PR will be optimised for relevant search terms, ensuring it appears in Google news results and organic listings appropriate to your industry.
  • Journalists and offline media professionals will receive alerts based on the keywords in your SEO press release. Everyone from a local hack to a global reporter will be able to access your PR through over 2,000 news databases.
  • Online PRs are great for your brand, making you appear authoritative and at the cutting edge of your sector.
  • An SEO press release provides relevant links back to your website, adding to the authority of your site's domain and helping to improve your search engine rankings.

Still not Convinced?

Your story won't end up on the cutting-room floor. We aim to have all our clients' online PRs in Google news within two hours of release, and many appear in Google's organic listings within 24 hours. With us, good news really does travel fast.

Got a story to tell? E-mail us and we'll get back to you.

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