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How much will a new site cost me?

This is possibly one the most common questions we get asked - and in all honesty the answer is...it depends...on a whole range of things. Naturally, we can provide you with a ballpark figure based on an initial high-level discussion, but for a definitive price to be given a full scoping exercise is required. The scoping exercise allows us to understand what the website objectives are - technical, functional and commercial. All this allows us then to draw up a project specification document that describes and defines all the project deliverables. Included within this document are the design requirments for the site, all site functionality, navigation and product/service categorisation, as well as details relating to the integration of the site into any internal IT systems ie stock control, financial, marketing database etc. Once this project specification document is finished and agreed, all project deliverables can then easily be identified and priced up. it is only at this point that we can provide you a definitive price for the finished project.

Why do you need to change the wording on my website to include ‘keyword phrases’?

You need to describe your products and services using the language that searchers use when they’re trying to find your products and services in the search engine. If they use inaccurate terminology then, by all means, explain the nuances to them in your content; but if you don’t use the same words and phrases that they use to find you – then you won’t be found.

Why do my clicks in Adwords not match up to my visits in Analytics?

The way AdWords and Analytics records data varies slightly and although your clicks are brought through to the Analytics report there is usually a small discrepancy between to the number of clicks and the number of visits. If someone clicks on an advert that advert we result in a click however if a user comes back to visit the site again at a later date that then your one click could result in two or more visits.  However there are times when your account records more clicks than visits, this is usual is down to one of three reasons.

  1. If it’s a low number then the chances are that the visitor has their java script disabled or not allowing any cookies to be left so no visit is recorded despite a click and visit happening.
  2. Auto tagging has been switched off and not every campaign/ad group/keyword has the correct tagging attached.
  3. The landing page has a 301 direct on it or no longer exists.

Can you make my logo bigger?

Good question.Of course we can.  We can make it take up the WHOLE screen if you want.We'll just ask you if you think that people will buy your products more if they're fighting to find them because all they can see is your logo?Probably not eh?
Whilst your logo and your brand are very important to you, there are times and places for that logo bragging.  Taking up a vast amount of real estate on a webpage that's supposed to sell your products or achieve your charitable goals isn't one of them.
Of course, if it's an about page talking about the heritage of you're brand and how your logo has changed over the past 120 years of business, then we'll make your logo REALLY big.
If you're in any doubt about our expert opinion on this matter, just Google "make my logo bigger" for all the information you'll need to explain why it really should be the size we say. 

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