Basic HTML Cheat Sheet

Page structure

outlines the whole page and defines it as html
code about the page, title and meta information
page title - should be the first line inside the head
page content goes in here

Page markup

bold, alternatively <b>
italic, alternatively <em>
anchor text - create a link with attribute href=
image tag
heading 1
heading 2 - and so on to <h6>
paragraph of text
<br />
a line break in a paragraph of text (can be used to add space)
<hr />
horizontal rule - a line across the page, can be used as a separator
unordered list - bullet pointed list
ordered list - numbered list
list item - must come within either an ordered or unordered list tag

Additional markup

strike through, alternatively <s>
subscript - makes text smaller and lower than the line (useful for footnote numbers)
superscript - makes text smaller and higher than the line (useful for degrees)
this scrolls text from left to right. Never use this

Definition lists

If you have a glossary of terms, I recommend using definition lists, however, this is not usually included in standard I-COM CSS files, so be sure to check the page after you've added a definition list. This page is written as a definition list

definition list
definition term
definition data
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