Our Approach to Internet Marketing taking the bull by the horns

Our approach to internet marketing is all about making sure our clients are happy, the search engines are happy and the end-user is happy. If we're not adding value to your online presence we'll be up all night, tossing and turning in bed, trying to think of new, creative ways to market your business, charity or public organisation online.

Here's a few of the things we will do, and a few of the things we won't do:

  • We won't 'get you to the top of the search engines' - we will get your site ranking for relevant keywords that add genuine value to your online presence.
  • We won't stuff your copy full of keywords to the point that it's incomprehensible to the user - we will write intelligent, engaging optimised content that's great for search engines and site visitors.
  • We won't build a site entirely in Flash that takes three days to load and is virtually unusable on mobile devices - we will build a site that looks fantastic, satisfies the search engines and is easy to use.
  • We won't chuck your brand values and preferences out of the window and design a site the way we want it to look - we will consult you at every stage of the design process to ensure your new site is both appropriate to your brand and fantastic from a search perspective.

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