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Ethical, white hat, organic, all the fashionable (some not-so-much) terms, we are all of the above and more - simply put, we provide good SEO services. Our SEO (search engine optimisation) team is in the business of improving your site's visibility in the major search engines without investing in spammy links, out-sourcing work to below par content mills and, eventually, getting your site penalised.

We realise that, to people outside the SEO industry the terms ethical, organic and white hat will be pretty meaningless - here's our approach to SEO in plain English:

We will keep you up to date with all our activity during the course of an SEO campaign, ensuring you are able to participate in the decision making process. Our SEO consultants stay on top of the latest updates, so we know we're doing everything possible to improve your search visibility without angering the great triumvirate of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Our SEO team don't get you to 'the top of the search engines' by paying for a PPC ad on a search result that no-one ever visits. We research relevant keywords and optimise your site for those keywords, making it as attractive to the search engines as possible and ensuring your website appears in the organic, non-paid results.

Why Us?

SEO Manchester is operated by a full-service online marketing firm - we don't just offer SEO, we also have in-house web designers, developers and PPC experts, all of whom are available to offer advice and guidance at any point during the course of your SEO campaign.

The designers help our SEO team sort out usability issues, the developers help them to implement their ideas on your site and the PPC team run paid ads in tandem with your SEO campaign designed to help publicise your latest special offer, competition or event.

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Our approach to SEO is simple - we use the latest, search engine approved techniques to ensure our clients' websites appear in the organic, non-paid search results for relevant keywords, and we use our in-house resources to ensure that once a visitor arrives at your site, they are converted into a new sale or subscription for your charity, business or organisation.

To find out more about ethical, white-hat or organic SEO, e-mail us and we will get in touch.

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