SEO Copywriting Entice your customers and the search engines

Search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting is all about striking a balance; ensuring that your website satisfies the needs of the search engines and the needs of visitors to your website.

To that end, we'll optimise your copy for high-traffic, high-conversion keywords that are going to get your site ranking in major search engines for competitive search terms, but we'll keep it snappy enough that it isn't going to scare off potential clients and customers.

After all, search engine robots are very important - but they don't carry credit cards.

Getting Straight to the Point

You have about eight seconds to get your visitors hooked. That means no flowery prose, legalese or background waffle.

Our team of SEO copywriters put themselves in your visitors' shoes. They tell them what they want to know, when they want to know it, maximising the potential that your website will convert idle visitors into enquiries, sales, or both.

They also work with the SEO team to ensure your website is as easy to find for the search engines as it is for your visitors.

Your Knowledge - Our Expertise

We can tell everyone how great your product is but if we don't really know anything about it, who's going to believe us?

You need website copy that people can trust, that's why our content team will work with you to understand your business. Our method is simple; you give us your business knowledge and we give you our SEO copywriting expertise.

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