Our Approach to PPC Search Engine Marketing the right way

We know the best way to achieve an impressive return on investment is by using a completely integrated approach - making sure that PPC (pay-per-click) co-operates and communicates with the SEO, web design, social media and development teams.

Our Google Adwords Professionals will work with SEO to optimise your PPC landing pages so that they can pick up prospects from the natural search engine results as well as the paid ads. They will also consult with I-COM's in-house web design and web development teams, ensuring your PPC landing pages convert as many visitors as possible.

By working together, we'll help to minimise your Pay per Click costs whilst maximising sales, resulting in a nice, hefty profit.

Tracking PPC Success

The beauty of Search Engine Marketing campaigns is that you can easily see if they're performing. Each aspect can be tracked, traced and tested every step of the way. We provide you with regular updates and detailed reports on the progress of your campaigns. A direct contact is always available to talk with you, so if you have a question or you want to know something, just call or e-mail us anytime.

To Boldly Go...

We are fearless when it comes to trying out new online strategies to help boost the success of your search engine marketing campaigns. That means you can stay one step ahead of your competitors, and really show off at your next networking event. Try name dropping:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Base
  • Google Product Feeds
  • Search Alliance
  • XML Feeds
  • Paid Inclusion

The list goes on. If you don't know what any of this stuff means it doesn't matter - because we do. And we'll work with you to find the best online marketing solution for your company website, whether it's tried and tested or super futuristic.

Play happy families and make some real pocket money. Contact us via e-mail.

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