8 reasons why there's no better place to work in SEO than Manchester.

I was sent this incredibly funny Youtube video of Japanese Binocular Football. After picking myself up off the floor I suddenly realised how Binocular Football reminds me of present day SEO - especially since the Google Penguin updates.

Tim Smith

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From an online marketing perspective Google + seemed to be a marketer’s dream online platform. New features including the likes of Ripples and the Circles function looked so appealing, making targeting audiences a breeze. In a perfect world, ev...

If you work in SEO it’s likely lots of your time will be spent thinking up content strategies for clients. Here are a few dos and don'ts that content creators should keep in mind.

James Roome

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Do you have the Marblars to come up with new, innovative uses for defunct inventions? There's £10k in it if you do.

Can scrapers harm your site in a post-Penguin search landscape? SEO's be prepared to party like it's 2005 because changes in Google may mean exactly that.

B2B companies are still failing to understand that Twitter is a social network, not a broadcast platform.

Find out how to clean up your unnatural backlink profile.

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Ian Collins

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A look at the increasingly worrying behavior of the Twitter music obsessives in promoting and defending their chosen artists.

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Ashwin Malik talks about his week of work experience with the I-COM web development and design team.

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