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We didn't know SEO companies were still using these very Penguin-unfriendly tactics. Does Voucher Bin know they're running the risk of a very severe manual penalty from Google?

Many people will know that if you sign up to a paid LinkedIn PRO account you get to send emails to whatever member you like - even if you don't know them. What many people don't know is that these emails cannot be blocked. This means there is little ...

How is this alt text on a submit button passing link weight or is it just a strange error?

Tim Roberts

Like Me? Follow Me. spammers who send out blanket e-mails in an attempt to intimidate businesses - Tim Roberts, I-COM Blog

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Tim Roberts

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SEO Doctors approached I-COM client the Smile Centre using a a long spammy e-mail full of incorrect and falsified information - I-COM Blog

Tim Roberts

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Yet more proof that the SEO industry desperately needs a governing body! Google Affiliate? Guaranteed page one listing? - I-COM Blog

James Roome

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Does the increasingly advanced nature of automated content spinners mean death for copywriters? - I-COM Blog

What is the point of setting up a Twitter profile and tweeting loads at no followers while following nobody?

Sending email marketing to email marketers advertising your email marketing services is a little silly.

Adding testimonials and case studies to your website can help establish trust with your online customers - recommendations are the best form of marketing.

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