Join TweeterGetter's pyramid scheme for getting more Twitter followers and get flagged as spam. It's a modern-day chain letter!

If The Pirate Bay BitTorrent search engine is guilty of copyright violation and piracy then is Google not guilty of the same thing if you can find illegally shared files via its search engine?

Offline PR firms and traditional marketing agencies should be working closely with internet marketing agencies and SEO consultants to deliver expert services to their clients both online and offline.

Google gave an option to narrow my search by postcode this morning, using Google Local results for a search for the generic keyword mattresses.

Since Google started allowing bidding on other brands names, cost per click on Adwords has climbed and click through rates have dropped.

We received a great spam email offering us foreign language landing pages for SEO. Sadly, the spammer doesn't understand why we don't need foreign language landing pages.

Google has introduced the rel=canonical attribute allowing webmasters to specify the single canonical URL for a page where duplicates may be produced.

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To succeed with your PPC campaign you have to do your research thoroughly and test - you can't just throw money into pay per click and expect results.

The Change 4 Life campaign urges people to search online for the information and reveals a well optimised site ranking at 1 & 2 in Google plus a top PPC listing as well.

Richard and Judy are no longer a major force in literature as their show no longer reaches a broad audience showing the importance of marketing and advertising in front of the right people.