The three measures of a successful SEO campaign are traffic, number of keyword referrals and goal conversions. First page rankings are no indication that your SEO company has improved your web site.

Search engine advertisers improved their ROI (Return on Investment) by 25% during the first three months of 2009

New businesses should consider their company website design carefully, choose a web design company that understands their plans for the future and that can offer search engine friendly development, branding and social media advice.

Google dropped the index page of a site after finding an unreachable robots.txt - others have seen this with no errors. Google needs to provide an explanation.

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Google's new blended results now display so much information on the page that usability is becoming a problem. Google should stick to simplicty.

When we receive spam from other SEO firms offering us their services we know it's time for some industry standards for Search Engine Optimisation companies.

Google is adding local results into non-local searches but doesn't always get it right. This is great for mobile users where GPS allows geotargeting but not for searchers.

We can learn a lot from make money fast online marketers even if we don't give them cash to reveal their secrets.

As pay-per-Tweet takes shape, Twitter is in danger of being overrun by spammers and thin affiliates trying to make money in a way that damages both advertisers and Twitter users.

The launch of Google Streetview in the UK brings a host of privacy concerns about whether Google should be allowed to post images of us and our property without gaining consent first.