NWVM has awarded a grant to a Liverpool search agency to set up in Manchester, an odd move considering how buoyant the SEO industry is, so no firms should be needing grant money.

A High Court ruling may remove the right of bloggers to publish anonymously as they can now be forced to reveal their identity.

Bing's xRank tool for searching for celebrities and people shows promise for integrating searcher behavior or semantic relationships into improving search results.

Violating Google's Webmaster Guidelines can lead to a penalty which can cost your business money. SEO by the rules takes time, but delivers the strongest results in the long term.

SEO is about improving websites and improving search results to help you find the information you need more easily when you use Google.

Before you pay for a cheap website, make sure that you own the code and the copyright or you may end up spending more down the line if you want a new web design.

James Roome

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When copywriting for the web it is important to understand your target market in order to write in the correct tone and address the needs of your visitors.

Clair Wescott

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Holding a flash sale on your website can generate buzz, improve customer loyalty and help boost sales during a slow period but has to be managed correctly to reap the benefits.

Google Visualizer can help you understand the relationship between search traffic and conversions and help you better target visitors.

If #smc_mcr isn't careful they will miss the chance to foster real learning and development in the social media industry in Manchester by encouraging amateurism and spreading misinformation.