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James Roome

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What's the point of social media? What am I doing on Twitter or Facebook? Do my actions have any value for my business? I-COM Blog

A blog post that tries to establish if blogging has a positive impact on natural search results - using a case study of I-COM's site performance

After months of painstaking research, I-COM reveals the ten top ways to guarantee social media success. I-COM Blog

Keir Gibson

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I claimed the username 'LFCtrial' on Twitter, and I wasn't prepared for what happened next! - I-COM Blog

'Proper Journalist' Andrew Marr strikes out at

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Paul Greenhalgh

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Is Grimm Up North's augmented reality game 'Monster Hunt' a social media marketing flop? Paul Greenhalgh on the I-COM Blog.

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What is the value of celebrity endorsements on twitter - do they have an impact. Study of the effect of a tweet from Kylie Minogue on Victoria Linen's site traffic

Tim Roberts

Like Me? Follow Me. spammers who send out blanket e-mails in an attempt to intimidate businesses - Tim Roberts, I-COM Blog

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I-COM identify some very basic SEO errors on the official Commonwealth Games website - I-COM Blog