James Roome

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Don't over-estimate the power of social media; it's hard work. Five social media marketing guidelines from I-COM.

Paul Greenhalgh

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Google Image preview hates Flash, and so does everyone else - I-COM Blog

Tags: Flash, Google

Jessica Bailey's thoughts on her first weeks as an I-COM SEO - I-COM Blog

Graham Allchurch

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According to Adwords, searchers disregard logic when they search Google. Graham Allchurch on the I-COM Blog

Google Doesn't Really Understand User Intent, Local Search or even Know Where I LiveGoogle has been championing it's ability to understand user intent and to

As local search changes come into play, has Google set its sights on a total advertising monopoly? Scary stuff on the I-COM Blog


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Make the most of Christmas this year by using SEO and Social Media imaginatively - I-COM Blog

Tim Roberts

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Google collects private data and gets little more than a slap on the wrist. Is 'Don't be Evil' coming back to haunt them? I-COM Blog.

Is paying for a PTT (Promoted Trending Topic) a good marketing strategy? I-COM Blog

The SEO team at I-COM noticed an odd result in Google UK's SERPs this morning - I-COM Blog