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MP, Louise Mensch, appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning. Her story has confirmed my view that Social Media is an extremely powerful tool for a business.

A recent storyline on The Archers deals with the aftermath of an e-coli outbreak and it's impact on the online brand of Bridge Farm. The plot recommends various steps that could be taken to alleviate the problem - take care these are not the best way...

Graham Allchurch

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Find out how to write fantastic online press releases from I-COM's copywriting team - I-COM Blog

How big a FARRT are you on Twitter? Find out using our FARRT index - I-COM Blog.

Ben Gross

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Without a strong branding concept, your business will fail. Ben Gross dicusses branding on the I-COM Blog.

T-Mobile's latest advertising campaign tries to 'game' Twitter and Myspace, and fails miserably. I-COM Social Media Blog.

Clair Wescott

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I was surprised to learn that Greggs the Bakers had a Twitter account. I was even more surprised to see that they do nothing with it, despite having a mass of followers. I-COM Manchester.

Keir Gibson

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Online shopping goes through the roof at this time of year, and companies like Amazon, Play, and Toys R Us are rushed off their feet with orders flying over the internet. I-COM Blog


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Monitor what people are saying about your brand online and use social media to answer questions, solve customer service problems and control what is being said about your brand.

James Roome

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Find out how to cope with a barrage of negative criticism on the I-COM blog - Manchester's premier SEO, web design and web development firm.

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