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What is the value of celebrity endorsements on twitter - do they have an impact. Study of the effect of a tweet from Kylie Minogue on Victoria Linen's site traffic

More people than ever bought more goods online over Christmas 2009 and lots of people were still Christmas shopping on Christmas day!

Sending email marketing to email marketers advertising your email marketing services is a little silly.

Tim Roberts

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Choosing a good domain name for your business website can have a positive affect on your online ROI. I-COM Blog.

Adding testimonials and case studies to your website can help establish trust with your online customers - recommendations are the best form of marketing.

Tim Roberts

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There are many people claiming to be internet marketing experts this post gives you some tips to make sure you get a good one

Fashion retailer ASOS have just announced their latest results which buck the economic trends. This blog answers Why ASOS is so successful?

Search engine advertisers improved their ROI (Return on Investment) by 25% during the first three months of 2009

I-COM come in at #11 in Crain's List of Manchester Digital Media Agencies and we're the top specialist search agency.

Online shoppers have been hunting for bargains online on Christmas Day, so ecommerce sites should leave their PPC ads running to capture highly motivated consumers during the holiday.

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