Using Twitter to shout about how great you are and how everyone else is stupid defeats the purpose of social media which is to engage in a conversation with peers and with customers.

Before setting up an online business it's a good idea to plan what you want to achieve from your website to ensure you get the details right and you have the proper resources.

SEO bloggers complaining about blog spam are just as bad as the spammers. SEO bloggers who try too hard to linkbait end up producing nothing worth reading at all.

Japan gets sub notebooks for $1 - what about Europe?

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A spelling error in a Nigerian 419 scam email conveys the importance of good copywriting in getting your message across correctly using the right words and punctuation lest you give people the wrong idea.

It is important to ensure that search engines understand the canonical URL for your website so they do not think you are showing duplicate pages on different URLs.

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Orange have a new campaign asking people to search for 'I Am' but are not ranking in the organic listings, only for PPC thereby missing a trick for good corporate branding using SEO.

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I-COM argues a rounded approach to SEO and internet marketing can be good for recruitment agencies.

The Official Google blog has added a post about how they rank sites which SEO blogs are claiming is the algorithm revealed - which it isn't.

July 13th, 2008 is the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride for Christies Hospital. Please donate money to help Richard and Pete raise money for this cancer charity through Just Giving.