Make sure your SEO firm can deliver traffic and conversions, not just search rankings. Always get references from recent clients and ask for examples of recent work and ensure that you get reports on your SEO campaign.

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Trying to write code to produce the opposite of QSA proved difficult and only extensive research yielded the code to do a QSA inversion on the .htaccess file.

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I-COM are proud to announce i-Wise, an internet marketing partnership program for creative media companies looking to provide internet marketing solutions to their existing clients. Contact us on 0870 164 2389 for details.

Always search for your SEO company online to see if they rank in Google themselves and check out their online reputation and the quality of their website and the SEO work they do for themselves.

New visitors need reassurances that they can trust your business before they make a purchase. Provide details about your e-commerce business, a phone number and a clear returns policy for your online shop.

Following Diamond Geezer's apperance on Dragon's Den, I-COM SEO client ZSdiamonds have had a traffic surge from Google for having the top listing for diamond engagement rings.

Most of the information on the Manchester congestion charge comes from lobby groups with a stake in the outcome and more unbiased information would help. It could be a good thing to improve Manchester's infrastructure but only time will tell.

Learn the basics of SEO before you start speaking to consultants so that you know that your SEO company is not doing anything that will harm your website or your business.

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Google have published an article on the Webmaster Central Blog explaining how Googlebot crawls sites depending on which search index or Google feature requires fresh information from your website.

Using Twitter to shout about how great you are and how everyone else is stupid defeats the purpose of social media which is to engage in a conversation with peers and with customers.