Nominations have opened for the 2008 Manchester Blog awards as part of the Manchester Literary Festival. The ceremony will be on 22nd October 2008.

Browse a list of 25 sites and tools that can help you do marketing research online for free to get an idea of user demographics popular searches and hot topics and products.

Often SEO copywriters sacrifice good writing for popular keywords such as SEO optimisation which means search engine optimisation optimisation.

Writing copy for your website is one of the most important aspects of succeeding online. Make sure your website copy is compelling and gives people a reason to buy.

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Online video is becoming increasingly popular and with Google Universal incorporating video into the organic search results, businesses should look to add video to their websites.

Web cam photos - construction phase London Olympics 2012.

Google Insights for Search is a great tool for market research to find out when and where people look for your keywords to run seasonal or regional marketing campaigns.

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Do not use social media as a means of easy email marketing to people. Engage with people on social networks to build brand trust and provide them something of value. Don't just try to sell stuff.

Tim Roberts

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Anybody having to sell their search marketing services via spam email is not a legitimate internet guru. Always ask for references and do your research on any company whose services you want to purchase.

Google launched Google Insights this week, providing more detailed keyword data about search volumes categorised by region, time frame and offering related searches and rising searches.