In a test of JavaScript processing times, the new Google Chrome browser came out faster than IE7, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Everybody's talking about the launch of the Google Chrome browser, but nobody appears to be using it - yet.

Darryl Browne

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Google's EULA for beta web browser Chrome raises some serious issues about what Google can do with your personal information.

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Blogging, as with all social media, is about community. You have to participate in the community to reap the online benefits of traffic, links and free marketing and promotion.

Avoid 3-way link schemes as they are far more trouble than they're worth. Google will work out you're trying to trick them.

Tim Roberts

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You can earn money fast on the internet but only if you put in the time and the money to build a good website and attract visitors to that website.

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Using autogenerated content to target keywords can hurt your reputation and drive away your customers. If content has your brand behind it, make sure that it is of use to your visitors.

Avoid bad linking practices if you do not want your sites search rankings to be penalised by Google. Taking links down is harder than doing white hat link building.