Do social demographics have an impact on how people use search engines? Are different social groups more likely to click on or avoid Adwords?

Always know your target market when spending time, effort and especially money marketing your business. Marketing to the wrong people will get you nowhere and make you look silly.

SEO companies that offer web design and web development services can provide better SEO services for having resources in-house.

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When launching a new brand on the internet make certain that the look and feel of the site matches the tone of the text and that both are correct for the target audience.

Yahoo search results offer full length tracks from popular artists including a link to Yahoo Music to purchase MP3s.

If you want to know why Google banned your site, don't spam the Official Google Webmaster Blog asking why and then keyword stuff links to your sites in your comment.

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b.TWEEN's Mapping Creativity project aims to connect disparate elements of Manchester's creative community through Web 2.0 technologies and offline interaction.

A Denver newspaper has used Twitter to give a play by play of a funeral, totally misjudging the purpose of social media.

New Web 2.0 service Tynt is stirring up controversy by scraping copyrighted content and allowing search engines to index the scraped content while also users to modify it.

I-COM is participating in the Prince's Trust Corporate Challenge to raise as much money as possible from a £50 spend. You can get involved and donate too.