Want to work in SEO? I-COM's Head of SEO gives graduates the heads up on what we're looking for.

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Ian Collins

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Ian Collins takes a look at the positive and negative aspects of footballers using Twitter. I-COM Blog.

Natural search in Europe and the UK changes forever today, as the Yahoo! Microsoft Search Alliance comes into effect, a year behind the US and Canada.

Google+ is dead in the water if search marketers don't stop polluting it with spam and start using it socially.

E-commerce webmasters should always write unique product descriptions instead of using those provided by manufacturers. Read why on the I-COM blog.

Elizabeth Sherratt

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Optimising your PPC campaigns for the Google Display Network is simple and can bring additional enquiries who weren't even searching for you.

Yesterday, travelling through West Yorkshire on the train without any reading material, I had a play on Foursquare to see what the Android app would tell me was nearby as we went through Dewsbury. Imagine

Why should I submit my site to niche directories? I-COM's Steph Goodman explains.

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Graham Allchurch

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Bag some free online marketing advice from the expert team at I-COM next Tuesday. I-COm Blog

Ever wondered how the most powerful companies in the world make their money? They do this by developing and managing a brand that is easily recognisable and desirable to consumers.

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