David Walsh

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I-COM's Head of Development David Walsh demonstrates the awesome power of the WebGL library.

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Ashraf Vali

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Ashraf Vali performs an in-depth study into the bizarre nocturnal creatures commonly known as web developers. Find out what it takes for a website to go live, from the client specification to the implementation of back end and front end development.

A recent storyline on The Archers deals with the aftermath of an e-coli outbreak and it's impact on the online brand of Bridge Farm. The plot recommends various steps that could be taken to alleviate the problem - take care these are not the best way...

Clair Wescott

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Multi Channel Funnels (MCF) Reports are now included in the new version of Google Analytics. This feature has been available on the Google Adwords platform for sometime and has real benefits when analysing the imapct of various campaigns

At I-COM we love the #ilovemcr campaign, but we're disappointed with the logo that's been used to promote it. Should the creatives in this city really be satisfied that we're using an albeit iconic 30 year old logo originally used to promote another ...

David Walsh

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Google Plus is a new social media network aiming to compete with the likes of Facebook. The equivalent of wall posts can be formatted to make your thoughts stand out. This blog from David Walsh guides you through the code needed to change the formatt...

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Many people will know that if you sign up to a paid LinkedIn PRO account you get to send emails to whatever member you like - even if you don't know them. What many people don't know is that these emails cannot be blocked. This means there is little ...

Jessica Bailey analyses the Kellogg's and Jennifer Ellison 'Yummy Tummy' campaign. I-COM Blog.

Elizabeth Sherratt

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Learn the basics of PPC from the I-COM PPC team. Campaign structure on the I-COM Blog

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Google aquires Motorola in 7.7 billion deal. How long until mobile search becomes the norm?

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