Trip Advisor has changed their tagline from 'reviews you can trust' in a tacit admission of 'buyer beware' - as it's very easy to manipulate an online review.

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A recent report from Flagship Consulting listed the top UK law firms based on their Klout scores - unfortunately their research was flawed they only looked at the largest law firms - we present a wider based list

Ben Gross

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One of our clients, Ski +Trek, approached us with the ambition of becoming the leading online retailer for outdoor & adventure clothing. Take a look at I-COM's work on Ski + Trek, from the initial brief to the final result.

Phil Stott

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Have you heard about the new adult industry orientated sponsored top-level domain (sTLD)? If you haven't, then this could have a significant effect on your company's web presence and reputation.

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Elizabeth Sherratt

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According to Google, 'Quality Score' is a dynamic metric assigned to each of your keywords. But how can you use this to get the most from your PPC campaign? Elizabeth Sherratt examines the best ways to improve a Quality Score.

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David Walsh

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Does your website adapt to your target market? David Walsh discusses how learning from your consumers can boost the potential of your website.

A new report shows that concern over social media has risen sharply within a year, with 19% of companies worldwide claiming to engage in blocking employee access to social networking sites.

One for our divorce solicitor clients. A Study in the Royal Society's Biology Letters journal has revealed that the departure of male parents from a family has an impact on the development of male children.

James Roome

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Early last month Sprout Social assessed the pros and cons of hiring an agency to handle your firm's social media. Being an agency, we took issue with the cons.

New data suggests that the increase in smartphone ownership means that we will witness a tipping point in 2013. With smartphones dominating the mobile phone market, Adrian Berry takes a look at how businesses should be optimising their website for m...