We didn't know SEO companies were still using these very Penguin-unfriendly tactics. Does Voucher Bin know they're running the risk of a very severe manual penalty from Google?

When using dynamic ad text misfires - company advertises Kylie Minogue designer incontinence bed pads....

Tim Smith

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Tim Smith looks at another resident of the social media graveyard, Friends Reunited, and wonders if a new design can save the ailing network.

Will usability issues on Barack Obama's website mean Romney has an advantage in the U.S. Presidential race over his rival?

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Yesterday, from its new London offices, Google announced the return of the Supplemental Index.

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Laila Naqvi

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What is a 301 redirect? A 301 redirect is a very useful technique, and is the solution to a lot of problems that can have a hugely negative impact on your site's SEO. For instance, if you change the domain of a particular page on your site, you are ...

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Examing the #Jewishmums hashtag set up by Channel 4 surrounding the program 'Jewish Mum of the Year', we ask, 'Who is responsible for monitoring social media for hate speech?'

Some pretty Apple map FAIL pictures.

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James Roome

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Our 'best of' of September content, including the latest developments in social media and some helpful SEO articles.

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Is Google's attempt to authenticate people's identities and use them as a ranking factor bringing us ever closer to living inside a giant electronic panopticon?

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